LPA Receivership

A highly specialist role

The highly specialist role of law & property act receivership (LPA) is one we often undertake through our experience in the property, financial and corporate recovery markets.

When lenders’ secured property assets are compromised by mortgage arrears, resulting in the need for our services, experienced receivers are the only choice to identify the right strategy for the individual circumstances.

Here we can apply years of experience, in-depth property knowledge and a determined and high quality approach. We look beyond the immediate need and explore potential opportunities to increase the value of the charged asset, maximising recovery.

Also working with the property specialists within the FI Real Estate property and asset management teams, the LPA gains control of the income and expenditure and ensures that a strategy is in place to manage, market and assess potential development opportunities, ensuring the maximum amount can be recovered for the lender.

Detailed, transparent reporting is provided on a quarterly basis, keeping all interested parties fully appraised of the asset’s performance. The LPA ensures that any corporate governance issues are maintained which gives lenders the comfort that the asset is protected during the recovery period.