Children in outdoor classroom at Busingiro School in UgandaFI Real Estate Management (FIREM), the leading asset to value and property management company and Solutus Advisors (SA), the fast growing independent real estate focused Loan Servicer, have joined together to donate £50,000 to Build Africa to assist the charity’s work which combines educational and livelihood projects  in remote areas of Kenya and Uganda, isolated from mainstream services and funding.

The two companies have selected one particular school – Busingiro Primary School – as the focus of their donation.    The school is located in the poor rural area of Buliisa in North Western Uganda  and currently educates 522 children.

MD of FIREM Tim Knowles said that a meeting with the charity had inspired him and James Bannister of SA to support its work, particularly in education:

“I believe education is so important and it is the best gift you can give to children.  It provides them with a chance in life to develop many skills and to grow and to achieve.

“Helping Build Africa helps us to directly invest in the development of a school and we can see how our donation is making a difference to the future of the community.”

James Bannister added: “There is no better way to involve yourself in real estate activity than to see and help fund a project like this.  It sets aside ‘the each to their own’ attitude and recognises that the important thing in life is life itself.  I am personally proud to help this fantastic charity and I hope we can continue to be a part of this project for many more years to come.”

The CEO of Build Africa Oliver Kemp concluded:  “We are delighted that Tim, James and their teams are supporting Busingiro School.  Their generous donation will ensure that even the very youngest children at the school get the best possible start in life with the opportunity of a quality education, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty and lead fulfilled lives.”

In 2013, Build Africa’s education programme supported more than 65,000 children in over 100 schools across Uganda and Kenya.



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