A £10,000 donation to LandAid by leading asset and property management company FI Real Estate Management (FIREM) is helping the property industry charity support nationwide projects working with disadvantaged children and young people.

To projects such as the Kinetic Foundation in Croydon,  FI Real Estate Management’s donation equates to two thirds of the funding needed to support the launch of Kinetic’s first ever football social inclusion project. The project is designed to create role models and community leaders in the 16 to 18 age bracket in an area which has the highest level of young people in Greater London who have left the education system and are unemployed.

The donation will help to support tailored personal development with an experienced project leader who would offer advice and support to sixty role models who would in turn reach out to over 900 young people in Croydon every week through football. The riots in Croydon in 2011 highlighted how deep the problem of youth unemployment runs in the town.

The Kinetic Foundation uses the passion young people have for sport to create positive change in their lives, moving them away from a life where they feel  low self esteem which could lead to drug addiction or crime.

Joanna Averley, LandAid CEO, said: “LandAid are very grateful to FI Real Estate Management  for their generous donation.  It is a great example of how individuals and companies from across the UK property industry together are supporting LandAid’s cause and making a real difference to the lives of some of the UK most disadvantaged young people.”

FIREM has also recently donated £50,000 to charity Build Africa in conjunction with Solutus Advisors, the fast growing independent real estate focussed loan servicer, which will help to build a school in Uganda.



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