After the deluge, it’s business as usual for Northpoint in Hull

Late on a busy Saturday afternoon last Summer in Hull, unprecedented torrential rain and hail caused mass flooding which stopped town centre trading and left many businesses in the town closed for up to a week as damage had to be repaired. Mains water drainage had failed to cope with the deluge.

Not the Northpoint shopping centre, however, which was open for Sunday trading within hours of the problem which closed the area, although water had risen on the footpaths and door entries at the centre and flooded the main shopping mall.

FI Real Estate Management were fast to react to the situation. Their role as property and asset managers at Northpoint meant it was their responsibility to take care of the problem to ensure that retailers in the main mall could trade on the Sunday morning.

Liaising with the internal centre team, the local authority and the fire service, FIREM worked around the clock to ensure business went on as usual for the shoppers of Hull and the flooding was minimised.

The result was that retailers at Northpoint only suffered one hour’s closure during the problem.

In addition, FIREM was on the spot the next day to talk to retailers and offer assistance and the team kept the insurers of the Centre fully informed of the situation as well.

Commented Mark Williamson of FIREM: “No-one can predict these situations with any certainty. But once we knew we had a problem our first consideration was our retail tenants and their customers.

“Through fast and decisive action, we turned this situation around and by the Sunday morning, it was ‘business as usual’ for Northpoint.”


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