Acts of God

Whilst there is nothing you can do to prevent these happening, there are steps that can be taken to minimise the impact and to ensure the minimum of disruption and therefore loss of income.

After the deluge…

On a busy Saturday afternoon, torrential rain and hail fell, causing mass flooding and leaving many businesses in the area closed for up to a week as damage was repaired. Mains water drainage had failed to cope with the deluge.

But not all businesses were affected in this way.

Active dedicated management provides fast response

A shopping centre in the town under our management was badly affected and water levels became so high that they rose over the footpaths and door entries, starting to flood the main mall.

The fast response of our onsite staff and asset managers working with external/internal contractors, the local authority and fire service, ensured that the flooding was minimised. Working around the clock, this ensured that all the businesses in the main mall were able to open and trade on the next morning. They had only had to close for one hour the previous day to ensure the safety of customers.

Tenant after-care

We followed this up by visiting every tenant on the Sunday to see if we could offer them more assistance and by updating the insurance company which had been put on notice immediately it became apparent there may be a risk.